Inspiration behind Wave Series

Every wave has its own story, traveling a unique and long path before we can ride it. The foundation of surfing originates from the wave’s final push of energy, the end of its long life. Every surfer, no matter where they’re from, has the same mindset: respect the ocean, because it’s giving you a precious gift that doesn’t come very often.

Chilean coast

Chilean coast

Chile’s cool coastal surfing and wine region is just beginning to be discovered. Wave Series wines were inspired both by our Winemaker’s passion for the waves, and the Pacific Coast’s influence on Chile’s terroir.

Surfing in Chile?

Chile is known as the goofy footer’s Paradise, and despite a very short surfing history (the first local surfer dates back to the early ’70s), has been growing in the international surfing spotlight because of its consistent water conditions, unlimited surfing spots, large and perfect waves (nearly all lefts), and crowds that some have compared to California in the ’50s. Led by three of the best Chilean surfers (Ramon Navarro, Cristian Merello and Diego Medina), a solid Chilean surfing scene is already emerging and progressing at a quick pace.

With an average of 300 days a year of ideal surfing conditions and its 4,000-mile coast, Chile has quickly become a surfer’s paradise.